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Lots of features have been included in this system for projects, tasks, leads, finance, payroll, inventory, stock, products and much more.


The system provides you excellent project management tools for your convenience.

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Customer Support

Customer support & helpdesk service has been enabled in order to track record of your development tasks.

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Resources have been delegated on role based permissions and now you can control the system.

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You can also track full record of activity by timer in the task panel in order to enhance your productivity.

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Increase the Agility of Work

Use Timeline to plan projects right the first time. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps before you start.

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Perfect for Operations
HR and Finance

You can control HR with full salary module and Finance Module in one place. Everything you can check with single click.

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Software Integrations

We are adding new features regularly.

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